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Melissa Cortale is an Oracle licensing expert and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and trade shows. Melissa is founder and President of Olitech Solutions, LLC, an Oracle focused Software Asset Management specialist firm. Melissa has worked with Oracle licensing, both for Oracle and on the client side, for over 10 years and has negotiated more than 300 transactions. Melissa has shared her Oracle expertise at multiple SAM conferences and has taught Oracle License Management courses across the US and abroad. Melissa holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and Mathematics from Tulane University.

Who is that calling me from Oracle?

The Oracle ecosystem is extremely complex, and it can be confusing to keep straight all the different Oracle representatives that reach out to your company. This article will explore the Oracle ecosystem and provide recommendations for navigating the many Oracle representatives that may reach out to you regularly. What you need to know about Oracle salespeople With about 20 different ...

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