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Michael Heflin has over 10 years of professional experience focused on contract compliance, software development & licensing, big data, and business process optimization. As a Vice President at Anglepoint, Michael is focused on business process transformation at the intersection of business processes and IT for both end-user software asset management (SAM) programs and vendor aligned sales enablement programs. Michael has made a career of helping clients and partners leverage data to design more intelligent business processes. Prior to joining Anglepoint Michael was a Director at Orbitz Worldwide. Michael lead the creation of the Hotel Supply Information Management team, a group responsible for end to end data management and business intelligence (BI) solutions leveraging everything from Excel, to SAS, to Hadoop to profile and analyze revenue management trends, website usage trends, new product opportunities and data-driven sales incentive programs. In addition, Michael helped drive a fundamental shift in data storage and management processes at Orbitz as the business lead for the creation of a company-wide data mart used to overlay web log and customer interaction data with internal revenue management and financial data. Michael began his career at Deloitte where he was responsible for providing data analysis leadership across the Contract Risk and Compliance group, leading reviews on everything from software compliance, to OEM, to consumer goods licensing at customers from Mexico to Shanghai resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in contract non-compliance. Michael holds dual bachelor’s degrees from Miami University in Marketing and Decision Sciences as well as an MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.

Own the Cloud: Make Your Vendors Work for You

At this point, I reckon the myth of SaaS making SAM obsolete has been if not readily accepted, at least consciously understood. Regardless of the platform, the same rules for license optimization apply – understand what you own, how you are using it, who is using it (for what, when and why) and ensure your contractual rights meet those needs. ...

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