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Molly McDevitt is the IT License Administrator for Mentor Graphics Corporation.

Software Licensing: Changing Terminology without Changing the Lingo

As the software landscape evolves, those in software asset management roles must keep up with the ever changing terms and conditions of software licenses. Perpetual licenses are falling by the wayside and rapidly being replaced by Software as a Service, Cloud, or sometimes a complex licensing metric based on physical hardware. But what about known terminology that may be used ...

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Anatomy of an End User License Agreement

End User License Agreements (EULAs) are long, wordy and boring. Attorneys write them and read them. They are very good at it and, if you have any questions, you should address them with your company’s legal counsel. Always. Difficulty or boredom is not a reason to skip reading a EULA. You don’t need a secret decoder ring to understand them ...

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