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Nasrin Azari is the President of Mobile Reach.

Barcode Scanning with Smartphones and Tablets – Smoothing the Way for IT Asset Management

By Nasrin Azari, Mobile Reach ITAK V9 I4 Many IT asset management tasks — asset receiving, physical inventory, transfers, MAC, installs, decommissioning, etc. — are usually performed “in the field” by IT Asset Managers.  Although these field workers probably have a desktop or laptop computer with which they can access and update your asset repository or CMDB, the convenience and ...

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ITAM Mobile Solutions – Evaluating Process Improvements and Solutions

By Nasrin Azari, Mobile Reach ITAK Volume 6 Issue 7 In today’s competitive business climate, IT Asset Managers are being asked to do more with less while facing continued scrutiny that requires tighter inventory controls, better integrity of their CMDB or asset repository, and greater visibility into ITAM operations.  As a result, many corporate and federal IT departments are seriously ...

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