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Maximize the Value of Your Retired Equipment

Ever Wonder Where Your Retired IT Devices Go? It seems like a simple question. Managing the retirement of IT assets is a necessary part of the business cycle. ITAD vendors are carefully vetted and selected through a robust process that ensures both security and environmental processes are followed. Painstaking hours and resources can be spent to ensure that your organization’s ...

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The Highest Net Return on Retired Assets

Take a moment to consider the priorities of your organization’s mission statement and goals. Undoubtedly, you will find a few consistencies with the themes of accountability, profitability, and sustainability represented in some fashion. These key goals should be the same elements that drive your IT Asset Disposition Process. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) used these three guiding principles to reset the direction of ...

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Becoming an ITAD Hero – Are You Getting Measurable Payback and True Value From Your Disposal Process

By Paul Baum, PlanITROI Inc. ITAK V4 I10 It’s a fact – being an IT Asset Manager rarely gets the recognition it deserves.  The rewards may be limited, the risks of the position may be greater than other IT positions, and when there is recognition, it generally only comes after something goes wrong.  With “job security” being at the forefront ...

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