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Richard Spithoven is a Director at B-Lay

Oracle Database 18c: What’s New

Oracle Database 18c was introduced in late 2017 by Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO, as ‘a big thing’. Oracle Database 18c, also called the “Oracle Autonomous Database”, automates security, provisioning and error handling. Oracle calls it “self-driving” because end users can define their desired service levels, and the database makes it happen – it handles failover and protects ...

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Are you compliant with your Oracle ULA in the Public Cloud?

Approximately 10 years ago, Oracle Corporation started to sell the right to make use of its software programs in a so-called “all you can eat” type of agreement called “Unlimited License Agreement” (ULA). An Unlimited License Agreement provides an end user the right to unlimitedly deploy and use a limited amount of Oracle programs for a limited period of time. ...

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Five popular misconceptions around Oracle Database licensing

Whether you work in a small or large organization, whether it is a retail shop, a bank, or a municipality, chances are that your organization makes use of Oracle Database. Although companies of any size invest in the purchase of licenses and support for Oracle Database, only few companies invest in actually managing these licenses. They struggle with the constantly ...

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