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Rodney Penny is the IT ASSET Manager for Sun Trust Banks, Inc.

Measure for Success: The Four Guideposts for ITAM Processes

Peter Drucker, a famous management consultant, was often quoted as saying, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Proper management of ITAM processes are no exception. Sound ITAM processes must deliver on stakeholder requirements, but must also include elements that can be used to manage the process. Managing a process involves embedding into the process checkpoints that can be used ...

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The Role of Policy in the ITAM Maturity Process

No one can dispute that IT assets and the information that they process, store and transmit present a huge risk to organizations. Every organization has the responsibility to protect their data from hackers and phishers, and that means that it is imperative to shape human behavior as it relates to the handling of IT assets. How users should interact with ...

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ITAM – Enabling IT to Deliver Better IT Services

As an IT Asset Manager, your role is probably twofold, on one side, you play an inventory role by keeping track of all IT assets and on the other side, you play a financial role by helping the organization understand the IT asset spend. You do this by contributing the IT asset financial data required to determine the total cost ...

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The Roles of Governance and Management – Positioning ITAM to Support the Business

By Rodney Penny, HCSC ITAK V10 I4 The maturity and permanency of any organization’s IT Asset Management (ITAM) program is highly dependent upon how well it is governed and managed.  Where proper governance is in place, the ITAM program will mature and ultimately provide the organization with immense business value; in other words, the ITAM program will mature to the ...

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Acquisition – The Foundation for Software Compliancy – Take a Good Look at Asset Acquisition

By Rodney Penny, Health Care Service ITAK V9 I11 Good software compliancy and IT service asset tracking begin with knowing your entitlement numbers and knowing what hardware assets you have and where they are.  The foundation for this information comes from a sound process that is followed without deviation.  The first process that truly affects the ITAM department is the ...

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