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Sherry Irwin, founder (in 1995) and President of Technology Asset Management Inc., has over 30 years of experience in IT asset management (ITAM), including license, contract and vendor management, across a broad spectrum of industries. She is widely recognized as a pioneer, expert, educator and advocate in this maturing discipline. As an advisory consultant and mentor, Sherry advises clients on ITAM best practices, with a focus on minimizing costs, minimizing risks, and maximizing benefits related to IT investments. She also conducts a series of educational workshops and seminars on various aspects of IT asset management including ITAM strategy and program development, software asset and license management (SAM), and contract management and vendor management (CVM). In addition to her consulting and education practice, Sherry is also: * Founder (1992) and chair of the Canadian IT Asset Management Users’ Group (CITAMUG), a forum in which to share ITAM knowledge and influence industry practices. * An IAITAM Fellow, recognized as an industry leader and advocate. * An Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for selected IAITAM courses. * A Canadian delegate to ISO/IEC 19770 (Software Asset Management) standards development. * An advisor (TAC Expert) to clients of The Advisory Council (TAC).

ITAM – Organization, People, Roles & Accountabilities

At this year’s Spring Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE), several IAITAM Fellows attended a selection of presentations, to provide an expert perspective on chosen themes, specifically: ITAM –Views from Practitioners ITAM – Organization, People, Roles & Accountabilities It is remarkable that, although there are multiple complexities to ITAM, there are many common themes that are not only interrelated but timely ...

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SAM – More than License Compliance & Management

There is continued, perhaps increasing, confusion in the industry as to the discipline of software asset management (SAM0 and its subsets software license management (SLM) and software license compliance (SLC). Examples include: Statements in public forums such as LinkedIn. For example: Software license optimization is SAM, stop over-complicating things. SAM is about and for license compliance Job postings for ITAM ...

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Invoice Verification – What and Why? – Consider this Foundational Practice for Proactive ITAM

By Sherry Irwin, Technology Asset Management, Inc. ITAK V10 I4 Disclaimer:  Specific content, while representative of industry practices, is provided as example only and should be modified for your organization. The Challenge Invoices are the means by which vendors collect payments due for products and services provided to their customers, usually under the terms of a contract, order form and/or ...

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Metrics for ITAM – Measuring Magnitude, Value, and Results

By Sherry Irwin, Technology Asset Management Inc. ITAK Volume 6 Issue 8   One of many lessons learned over more than 25 years as an IT asset management (ITAM) advocate, educator, and consultant is the importance of metrics.  As with most things in business, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.  Lifecycle management of IT assets, licenses, contracts, vendors, and ...

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