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Stephen Covert is the Manager of Vendor Services for Highlights for Children, Inc.

Finding Leverage with Microsoft – Negotiating Wisely and with Care

By Stephen Covert, Manager of Vendor Services ITAK V8 I11 In any negotiation preparation, one should prepare by developing a walk-away point and alternative options to the proposed solution.  A Microsoft negotiation is no different than any other negotiation, but developing these points of negotiating leverage are difficult because of the complexity that Microsoft introduces in their offerings.  An understanding ...

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Planning Ahead for Microsoft Windows 8 – Windows 7 Promotional History as a Basis for Windows 8 Planning

By Stephen Covert – Highlights for Children ITAK v6 I3 Some organizations have not maintained Software Assurance (for the purposes of this article, maintained the right to upgrade their OS) on their Windows desktop OSs over the last economic downturn.  The organizations who delayed upgrading their PC inventory are now considering upgrading their PCs or Desktop OSs.  By understanding Microsoft’s ...

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