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Stephen is an IT asset management leader. He is experienced in software and hardware asset management from an analyst role to a leadership role. Stephen has been instrumental in developing an ITAM program from the ground up as well as taking on complex customers in his current role who are inexperienced in ITAM as a whole and bringing them into a steady state in order to bring value to these companies. He has been published many times and currently holds the CITAM, CSAM and CHAMP certifications from IAITAM. His decades spent in IT have helped him gain an overall view of IT as well as specific disciplines that enable him to interact with all levels of employees and management along with executives in a professional and personal manner.

FORE! – Leading a Meeting from a Golf Perspective

By Stephen Becker, Seagate Technology ITAK V8 I10 The way we communicate with others has a long-lasting, critical impact on our careers.  If we excel with every presentation, speech, or meeting, we can expect our careers to take us to new levels.  The opposite is true as well, so beware! Let me also preface this next part with “I am NOT ...

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Blurring the Lines – The Top Tier of “To-Dos”

By Stephen Becker, CSAM ITAK V8 I5 This article is a guide to understanding our function as a whole and the main functions that we must remember to include in our daily duties. Today’s IT asset manager runs a very blurry line that encompasses many skill sets and responsibilities.  We have to be competent in multiple fields as well as ...

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HAM, SAM, Who I AM – A look at Roles, Scope and Choices

By Stephen Becker, CSAM ITAK V7 I11 No, this isn’t a Dr. Seuss book.  It’s an inside look at the two main roles for every IT asset manager.  There are other roles we take on and run with in our profession, however, the meat of our business is hardware and software asset management. In this article we will touch on ...

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