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Steven Ligon is the Senior Systems Engineer for Intelligence Consulting Enterprise Solutions, Inc.

The Case for IT Asset Engineering, Presented to the 15th Annual IAITAM ACE

Steven R. Ligon, Ph.D.; Brian S. Wallace This paper addresses the need for Systems Engineering focused on the issues falling between IT Asset Management and IT Service Management, identify touch points between the engineering discipline as represented in the Systems Engineering “Vee” and the products necessary to deliver superior service and comprehensive management of IT Assets in any organization. At ...

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SAM in the Federal Government – “Same…but Different!”

By Steven Ligon & Gary Feltz, ICES Inc. ITAK V10 I4 Not a Monolith To listen to the pundits in the media today, one would think that the Federal Government is a monolithic entity, made up of intertwined parts with in-depth knowledge of each other’s actions.  In reality, while it is large and complex, comprised of intertwined agencies and offices ...

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