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Congrats! You’ve got your IAITAM Certification…Now What?

I remember receiving my first certification from the IAITAM organization, CSAM (Certified Software Asset Manager), I felt proud, accomplished, and excited. I was fired up and armed with new useful information, and I was going to return from my training, ready to whip my organization into shape, ensuring we were compliant and doing what was best for the company. Not ...

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Integrating SAM in Service Management Processes

If your organization has low or no funds for Software Asset Management (SAM), how can you add value to your organization as a Software Asset Manager on top of savings on software? Acting as a Software Asset Manager myself I took this challenge and decided I needed a different approach other than the usual SAM strategy. Not by stating SAM ...

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“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax Time and time again, ITAM programs fail to reach their full potential. Their failures are almost 100% due to lackluster or lack thereof communications and education. Desperately in need of a spokesperson, these programs are bogged down with ...

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The 6 Pillars of a SAM guru

Software asset management is a difficult job at the best of times, and it can be thankless for SAMs who lack the necessary support from management. To be a true SAM guru employing best practices, you must master six conceptual pillars. If any of these pillars are missing from your SAM strategy, you will likely experience problems with license coverage ...

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Six Public Speaking Tips from the Trial Lawyer Arsenal

Alright! Your hard work, initiative, and/or utter brilliance finally caught the attention of your boss. You’re moving up. You’ve reached the next rung on the ladder. You’ve arrived! Now that you’ve arrived, however, you have to give presentations and speeches. Enter the wonderful and terrifying world of public speaking. The words “public speaking” strike fear into the hearts of even ...

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Seven Tips to Upgrade Your Work Conversations

We live in a tech world. That is particularly true of people reading this publication. Tech can be amazing. It brings us software that makes business more efficient and data centers powerful enough for companies to operate seamlessly across the globe. Tech also provides connection and communication tools that give almost limitless freedom of movement. But texts, tweets, emails, and ...

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Stakeholders Collaboration in Designed for Circularity

The growing demand for electronics devices on the market inevitably creates ongoing problems that too many discarded electronics are dumped well before the end of their useful life. Many attempts to embed recycling schemes on the business model and metals recovery have not been able to tackle the current challenges which hinder the ability to prolonging the life cycle of ...

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Embracing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is described as the network of physical objects; portable and stationary devices, clothing, environmental sensors, traffic sensors, consumer goods, vehicles, buildings, humans and animals; the list of possibilities is equal to almost everything on earth. There are already millions of items with electronic sensors that are connected to the internet. In November 2015, Gartner estimated ...

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What You Do Today Determines What happens Tomorrow

The title of this piece is a significant thought in the fast-moving world of Information Technology. In IT a day can be a long time, a month equivalent to a lifetime. With this in mind, it is sensible to maintain a constant vigil in what is happening around us especially where it can directly affect our business and often personal ...

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The Value of a Common Language across the Entire Enterprise

By Jay Scroggins, BDNA   The rapid migration of nearly all business processes to digital mediums, not to mention the crush of networked devices heading our way as part of the Internet of Things tidal wave – has made it a nearly impossible feat to manually align and manage an enterprise’s IT assets.  However, these assets are the backbone of ...

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