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Data Center decommissioning and Data Destruction compliance

Thousands of organizations are being tasked with addressing their retired data center IT assets including servers, switches, and hard drives prior to and after moving their infrastructure to the cloud. IAITAM professionals understand that specific processes must be followed to ensure every aspect of a data center decommissioning project remains fully compliant. Whether it’s Los Angeles, New York City, Toronto, ...

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Structuring your Datacentre ITAM Sustainability Strategy

Amidst the myriad of dominant facts, figures and increasing news headlines reporting on adverse sustainability trends, climate change realities and future threats of planet devastation, we can easily fall into a cycle of fear and depression about the results of our consumptive patterns. The most effective remedy for despair is action, to focus energy on the opportunity we have right ...

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Residual Data: the New Appendage to the ITAM Rigor

Data has been growing phenomenally fast and it’s hard to manage and secure. That’s becoming common and passé, with big numbers thrown around to push the growth story of data. Nearly every proactive policymaker around the world today is weaving a framework for responsible regulation of data. And, businesses in the purview of the likes of HIPPA, SOX, and the ...

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