Policy Management

ITAM Best Practices as the Foundation of a Successful Cybersecurity Program

Implementing a cybersecurity program is essential for any organization. With the increasing number of data breaches, new methods of attacks, and even the use of AI and improved phishing techniques, it is imperative for organizations to create a robust protection in a quick pace. To accomplish this, the information security teams (infosec) and CSO organizations do not need to start ...

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The Role of Policy in the ITAM Maturity Process

No one can dispute that IT assets and the information that they process, store and transmit present a huge risk to organizations. Every organization has the responsibility to protect their data from hackers and phishers, and that means that it is imperative to shape human behavior as it relates to the handling of IT assets. How users should interact with ...

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Review Your Policies – QSP: Defining the Policy Review Process

By Barbara Rembiesa, President and CEO of IAITAM ITAK V4 I7 Your organization probably has more policies in place than one could count. These policies can range from organizational activities and procedures to behavioral requirements while at work. These policies are important to daily function, but sometimes overlap occurs between two policies. They essentially say the same thing in two ...

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