Disposal Management

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The Client’s Perspective

In conversations I had with electronics recycling professionals at industry conferences over the last year, I often heard complaints when the discussion turned to enterprise clients. Typically, the frustration from e-scrap executives sounded something like this: “The IT person I have to work with is clueless about the e-scrap industry.” I teach IT asset disposition management to IT professionals on ...

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ITAD at a High Level, Three things to Consider

If you are tasked with disposal of used or surplus IT assets, data security probably ranks as your number one concern — and for good reason. But considering a range of other issues could help you maximize your value recovery. Read on for 3 significant factors to consider in finding your best ITAD vendor match. 3 other factors to consider ...

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The Highest Net Return on Retired Assets

Take a moment to consider the priorities of your organization’s mission statement and goals. Undoubtedly, you will find a few consistencies with the themes of accountability, profitability, and sustainability represented in some fashion. These key goals should be the same elements that drive your IT Asset Disposition Process. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) used these three guiding principles to reset the direction of ...

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The 2017 Scoop on e-Scrap and ITAM

Attending a conference is an excellent barometer for determining the pressures impacting a specific industry. The E-Scrap conference this fall was a great opportunity to take a look at the trends pressuring ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) vendors and their downstream counterparts. To make good choices for the organization’s constant outflow of unwanted computing devices, due diligence of ITAD services has ...

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Five Reasons Why Great ITAD is Like a Great Restaurant

From the outside looking in, most diners seem interchangeable. The provide affordable food, they often sport the same neon-clad decor and they will all have the same Certificate of Health and Safety framed behind the cash register. When you sit down, you’ll be handed laminated menus that will offer the same dishes as the diner the next town over. Of ...

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Ethical ITAD – Doing the Right Thing

Data security and The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are dominating many industry conversations right now. With all the focus on data security and the obvious financial pressures on businesses to reduce costs, a lot of people forget one of the other most important considerations when IT equipment is at the end of its useful life: where does all ...

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Challenges of IT Asset Disposition

IT inventory Management

Anyone who has created a corporate IT Asset Management program, or is contemplating one, will tell you that it is challenging to create a successful program. We will explore some of the issues in doing so. Who should be involved in this process? Who are these stakeholder groups and why do they matter? Do they have competing interests? Let’s explore ...

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Why I became a certified e-Steward

My work in electronics recycling began before I had ever heard of Basel Action Network (BAN) or the e-Stewards idea. I worked as a director of a nonprofit recycling organization for 14 years before coming to work for e-Stewards as the Enterprise Director. Back then, we were just trying to do the best we could with very little knowledge, and, ...

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Four Trends That Affect the IT Asset Disposition Process

2017 marks ten years since the very first iPhone was introduced. Since then, innovation in smart phone technology has made dramatic improvements and it is not slowing down. Smartphones have become omnipresent and more advanced, creating a new world of applications. However, we all know smartphones aren’t the only technology affecting business. Within the business environment IT Managers are satisfying ...

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