Financial Management

Measuring Asset Performance – Adding Value through Metrics

By Dan Abell, KodiakEDGE ITAK Volue 6 Issue 7 What is IT Asset Management overlooking? IT Asset Management has traditionally focused on hardware and software inventory management.  Software entitlement, license compliance, hardware and software maintenance management; as well as vendor management are all core competences practiced by ITAM.  However, Asset Management should also be looking at asset performance, not unlike ...

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Fiscal Responsibility – The Marriage Between IT and Finance is Sorely In Need of Counseling

By Phara McLachlan, Animus Solutions ITAK V5 I5 Savings. Cutbacks. Economic Downturn. These are all words that we are all too familiar with of late. Corporate executives at all levels are facing difficulty trying to advance the technology within their organization, while trying to simultaneously find cost savings. The problem faced by many organizations is a misalignment of Finance and ...

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Red Flags Rule – Guidelines for Responding for Financial Institutions and Creditors

By Brooks Hoffman, LifeSpan Technology Recycling ITAK V4 I9 Summary: The Red Flags Rule was promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission and other federal agencies charged with overseeing compliance to the Financial Service Modernization Act (GLB), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA).  It states that all Financial Institutions and others who ...

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