President’s Letter – Fall ACE Keynote Speaker Securing Final Disposition

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM


I am pleased to say that the lineup for the Fall ACE November 4-6, 2014 is as topical and varied as our other conferences have been, giving attendees one-stop shopping for the latest updates.  One area that is continually undergoing change (and receiving a great deal of international attention) is the disposal of electronics, spearheaded by the mountains of computer equipment coming out of our organizations.  Along with presentations on ITAD topics, I am pleased to announce that one of the keynote speakers will be Steve Mellings, co-founder of ADISA, the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance.

ADISA develops standards and certifications for members of the disposal industry to ensure the high levels of physical security and data sanitation during the disposal processes. This asset management-centric standard complements the ITAD industry standards of R 2 and e-Stewards rather than competing with them. Developing standards and certifications in the UK and Europe since 2010, ADISA has formally expanded to North America, the rest of the Eurasian continent and to Oceania.  The North American standard (2013) is available on their website ( and examines ITAD security in four areas:

· Business credentials

· Logistics

· Processing facility

· Onsite services

The standard’s goal is to identify ITAD providers who offer protection and control throughout the disposition with a high level of consistency and quality that is confirmed through audits and culminates in certification.

Steve Mellings is an advocate for secure asset disposal.  His years of experience are seen in his statement about co-founding ADISA to battle the “the current malaise from all parties concerned in asset retirement.”   Even though there has been a significant movement forward from thinking of ITAD providers and their downstream partners as refuse workers, we still have more work to do supporting the change to ITAD as part of the information security industry.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference and hearing Steve and others talk about the issues surrounding our profession.

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