President’s Letter – Taming Your ITAM Jungle

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM


The IT Asset Management professional has to be a multitasker because of the number of projects that are often going on at the same time, a consequence of providing services with lots of “moving parts” to the entire organization.  Some of the projects will be improvements and extensions inspired by changing needs, others will be projects from the roadmap.  There are also the projects that are a natural part of the process work such as a planned refresh and disposal project.  In any of these scenarios, you can see the genesis of the jungle conference theme, matching the complexity of the IT environment to a jungle teaming with life – including the occasional lion!  While multitasking is one aspect of our “jungle,” another is the expected knowledge on any topic related to IT assets.  Sounds like the diversity in ITAM could populate an information jungle.

To match the professional needs of practitioners, IAITAM conferences concentrate on offering diversity in the exhibit hall and in the presentations and workshops.  Multiple sessions run at the same time, with opportunities to catch up on a session or workshop that had been offered previously but at a time that you could not attend.  You wanted to hear something else at the same time!   The problem to have is too many good sessions.

Our jungle-conquering professional can attend sessions on software licensing, governance, data sanitation or case studies with good advice, to name a few.  Looking for an opportunity to speak to others on a topic that has been driving you crazy (software licensing comes to mind)?  Consider attending the workshops where attendees bring their own experiences to share while listening to those of their fellow attendees.

Of course, the opportunity to catch up with what vendors are talking about in presentations, showing off in the exhibit hall and giving away as a thank you for talking to them is the best way to prepare for the questions that the executives haven’t even asked you yet.  Oh, maybe not the giveaways…but who doesn’t like a reward?

I would personally like to thank our presenters who have contributed articles to this conference issue of ITAK.  Readers, get to know the speakers’ areas of expertise by reading their articles before going to their session.  For those that cannot attend this conference, use this ITAK to catch up on some of the hot topics for ITAM.

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