President’s Letter – What Surveys Do for the Profession

By Barbara Rembiesa, President & CEO of IAITAM


Several times a year, IAITAM gathers information via survey about the profession and IT Asset Management status in general.  Finding out how your professional career and your organization’s ITAM program compares to others is a valuable tool for planning both of those aspects.  The path for ITAM development has definitely been like sitting in rush hour traffic:  stop and go, forced to take a different path at times and consuming more time than desired.

The processes that became ITAM may have begun 20 years ago, but the application of those processes was a slow burn for the first ten years.  At times, ITAM programs would fail, often from a lack of executive support (leading to political roadblocks) or from people taking wrong turns when choosing what to focus on.  The focus issue tied directly to the issue of understanding what ITAM is, which is something more than inventory tracking, invoice payment and filing contracts!

Twenty years later, this survey and other indicators are showing a steady improvement in ITAM understanding and penetration into organizational structures.  Titles of professionals are reflecting better what the individuals actually do (although job descriptions are still an issue).  Overall involvement in all of the Key Process Areas is growing so that organization has the maximum opportunity for savings and reduced risks despite the chaos of a dynamic organization.  Salaries have remained consistent, despite the slowed economy in these same years.

This year, the survey results include more comparison data from previous surveys so that they can be compared to the results from 2014.   This data adds insight into the ongoing support of the ITAM program as well as some ideas about the trends over time.

Practitioners, I encourage you to participate in the survey and to review the results when planning your own career and ITAM program.  And, to those who have participated in IAITAM surveys, thank you for taking the time to respond, it is much appreciated.

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