What does it take to be an IAITAM Fellow?

Asset and Software Asset Management (SAM) knowledge and experience is an expertise that is difficult to acquire. It takes years to learn and is in short supply globally.

An expert in the field, such as an IAITAM Fellow, is a resource that many would like utilise but often have trouble finding. With this is mind I hope you will be inspired to think about and recognise the relevance, indispensable knowledge and determination YOU have in undertaking your activities in helping your organisation become compliant. If you have the experience and knowledge on asset and SAM then you too could become an IAITAM Fellow.

In any industry expertise is developed through education, training and more importantly “on the job” practical experience. AM and SAM is no different, indeed it one area of IT that cuts across multiple layers of the “business of IT”. Career-wise this is invaluable and acts as a cornerstone of IT activity that enables movement into other fields. However the knowledge and skills acquired are never lost.
To reach the top of the profession it is usually necessary to:

• Work in different industries (certainly experience working in different companies) and understand how to operationally achieve success and compliance
• Work as a practitioner and consultant at some point provides a different set of skills and helps understand the bigger picture and clarify what needs to be done in a co-ordinated manner
• Have developed workable ‘working practices’ that have taken a company up the evolutionary path from chaos to business value
• Understand the need for people, process and technology to be successful (the degree of importance and priority allocated to each is always a source of heated debate). All I would say is that the tools element today can take away much of the difficulty often experienced and therefore should be in place as early as possible.
• To create a structured serious set of rules and best practices and ensure that these are strategically approved at a senior level and operationally managed.
• Communicate requirements and actions in an appropriate and timely manner
• Report progress (up and down) analyse results and recommend changes for improvement
• Save money
• Reduce RISK

To reach the pinnacle of AM and SAM you also need to become a “thought leader” and give something back to the industry. This is the basis of the IAITAM Fellow.

IAITAM (and APM International) as an organisation also provides a body of work that helps support the industry from best practice information to the array of training courses across the key areas of interest that asset management / SAM professionals demand.

There is an on-going expectation that an IAITAM Fellow will provide free advice and guidance with a view to help others in the industry. Fellows also provide free information and inspiration through presentations, articles and books.

IAITAM invites practitioners to apply to be nominated to the Fellows programme if you or others believe you have the knowledge and skills and are prepared to put something back to the industry.

What is the Importance of the Role of AM NA SAM in IT in Business Terms?

Firstly we need to look at the top end of any organisation (particularly those who report to shareholders) and understand what is of greatest importance and why.

Constant knowledge updates are important if you are to keep on top of changing regulation (and remember that you need to apply this globally if you operate or trade with other parts of the world). The secret world of risk and security is a silent but dominant top down pressure point albeit people at the lower end of the organisational chain may not appreciate that. CEO’s regularly tell me that RISK is their greatest worry and costs a long way down in second place. Bad news always travels faster than anything else and this can have a very detrimental affect on the value of a company which can in term lead very quickly to changes at the top (CEO leaving the company if shares or the company name are adversely affected).

People often say “we are different in our industry” but I normally find that cross vertical industries have the same complexities and requirements. IT is in a period of major accelerating change brought on by cloud; BYOD, cyber security, data and information lakes and how to manage them and of course the Internet of Things (IoT). I will be talking about this at the Las Vegas ACE conference for IAITAM (I look forward to some incisive discussion!).

As with asset lakes, data and information lakes are best tackled by reducing the size / reducing the size of the problem.

The Future Things we know already.

Asset and SAM will become more difficult to manage especially with:

• Edge computing – edge data centres vs central IT – where will apps and services be?
• Containerisation of IT to deliver a hybrid environment
• The continued emergence of smart devices and the extension of capabilities are becoming more critical in the realms of infrastructure, transportation, control of systems, reporting and home and business automation
• Security – in all areas is a continued concern. Performance, cryptographic primitives and symmetric algorithms.
• Drones
• Building an approach towards IoT – merging business application with domestic demand
• Digital transformation – across the business and domestic environments

In Summary

The pace of change is accelerating – winners are likely to be those who embrace change first and the fastest. Major IT players globally are aware of this and are actively working to be at the forefront.

I hope some of the things I have talked about will help you plan ahead both for yourself and the organisation you play a key part in. I think Asset Managers should be looking to take on new areas of activity for which they are already prepared for because of the skills that they have. Just look at data and information management for example and alignment with Auditors, CFO, CIO and the production of analytics with recommendations for the CEO.

I look forward to talking to you in Las Vegas.

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